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Every young mother is familiar with the cliché: 'Cherish every moment; they grow up so fast.' When mothers with older children see you with your little one, they often reminisce about the newborn period, which seems like an eternity ago for them. Our newborn sculptures capture not only the loving bond between mother or father and child, but also the tenderness and vulnerability of this fleeting period. The result is a beautiful figurine that will forever be a treasured keepsake of this special time in your lives.

It's important during the scan that your baby lies as still as possible, but we understand that your baby doesn't always sleep on command. That's why we take all the time we need together, and we can make digital adjustments afterwards. You know your baby best, so choose a time block when you expect your little one to be calm and the chances of taking a nap are the highest.

Please note: newborn images are possible up to 10 weeks of age. 

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