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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your question not listed? Then don't hesitate to contact us.
  • When is the best time to make a 3D sculpture of my pregnant belly?
    Generally, the best time to have your 3D imaging done is between 30 and 36 weeks gestation. Of course, this depends on when you feel your pregnant body looks its best.
  • How long does the appointment take?
    The 3D pregnancy imaging itself takes only 2 minutes. The appointment lasts approximately 45 minutes. During your appointment, we will discuss all the options and choices of materials with you.
  • Do I need to be naked for the 3D image?
    Absolutely not – it's very important to us that you feel comfortable when we make your 3D image. We have examples of pregnancy sculptures with clothing or underwear, so you can get a good idea of how this will ultimately look.
  • Do I have to shave my body hair before the session?
    That's completely up to you! Hair will be picked up by the 3D scanner.
  • Is a 3D image dangerous for my baby?
    It is 100 per cent safe to make a 3D image of your pregnant belly. Our 3D scanners operate using light in the same way as you have your photograph taken.
  • What are the prices for a 3D pregnancy sculpture?
    The price depends primarily on the size and material of your sculpture. You can find all the prices here.
  • Do I need to choose the material and size before the appointment?
    Not at all – the photos on our website are there to give you a good idea of the possibilities and to inspire you. During your scanning appointment, we will take all the time needed to discuss the options together, and you can view examples of each choice in a pressure-free environment.
  • Are all the options included in the price list on the website?
    The possibilities for our pregnancy sculptures are truly endless, which is why we have chosen to list prices online for a standard sculpture without head, legs and arms. Please contact us if you'd like a quote for an option that is not listed.
  • How do I pay for my sculpture?
    A deposit of $50 for securing the 3D image is required at the time of booking through our online booking system, which is fully deductible from the final total. After your appointment, when you have decided which size and material you would like, we will send you an invoice that will need to be paid in full before we proceed with the development of your custom sculpture.
  • What is the delivery time?
    Depending on the processing time of the chosen style for your sculpture, you can expect a delivery time of approximately 3 to 6 months. We have consciously chosen not to simply send any sculpture straight out of the 3D printer. This means that each sculpture is post-processed with the necessary care and love. Everything is handmade, which can sometimes result in a longer delivery time than you might expect. If it will take any longer, we will of course notify you at the earliest opportunity. For cast-bronze sculptures, we depend on the casting schedule of the foundry, which may occasionally cause a delay in the delivery time.
  • How is the 3D image made?
    During your appointment, we create a 360-degree image of your pregnant body. We use a handheld scanner and will move around your body while you hold your preferred position for your sculpture. Of course, you can't wait to see the result, so we will show you the raw image immediately.
  • I would like to make some digital adjustments or soften certain areas - is this possible?
    Yes! We want you to be happy with your pregnancy sculpture, and any insecurities about your body should not distract you when you look at your personalised artwork. If only our mirrors had the same magical 'touch-up' button as our digital post-processing team – please make use of it!
  • Can you see my tattoos or birthmarks?
    No, as the 3D scanner doesn't capture colour, only the shape of your body. However, it's possible that your tattoo might appear slightly raised or thicker than the surrounding skin. In this case, we'll smooth it out so that you won't see it on your sculpture – unless, of course, you would like to preserve it.
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